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Product > Fan > RGB > SquA RGB White Version
Product Information
Unique square-shaped RGB frame at the front and
  diamond bright at the back
Support addressable RGB motherboard sync
Enlarged blade surface increases more airflow by 40%
Optimized low 300RPM

SquA RGB, an addressable RGB fan series, is designed with square-shaped lighting and PWM control. Featuring ENERMAX LED LIGHTING Technology, SquA RGB can deliver incredibly bright and even lighting. Engineered for high performance and better user experience, SquA RGB is characterized by 300RPM starting speed and up to 40% stronger airflow than other RGB fans. Furthermore, the vortex frame design generates concentrated airflow and ENERMAX’s Air Inlet Design facilitates airflow effectively. SquA RGB is capable to provide superior airflow and stunning lighting effect.

Unique Square-shaped Lighting

SquA RGB features square-shaped lighting and also supports addressable RGB lighting sync with 16.8 million color options


  Case Moddings and Builds with Square-shaped Lighting Fan
    SquA RGB provides users with 2 types of lighting patterns to make the perfect match with system configuration  
Diamond Bright Behind SquA RGB

A gleam through the holes around the back of the frame delivers the incredible visual experience as diamonds shining in the dark


Up to 40% Stronger Airflow

    The enlarged blade surface can create up to 40% stronger airflow than other RGB fans  
SquA RGB Other
Addressable RGB Lighting Synchronization
  Synchronizable RGB lighting via addressable RGB header of motherboards
(The ARGB header assignment is +5V/D/-/G)
ENERMAX’s Air Inlet Design

ENERMAX’s Air Inlet Design brings more air in and also facilitates the airflow efficiency



Vortex Frame Design

    Vortex frame design can generate concentrated airflow, especially perfect for CPU cooler
Optimized low 300RPM starting speed

The smart PWM speed control provides 300RPM starting speed for superior silent experience



Vibration-damping Rubber Pads

    Vibration-damping rubber pads absorb the excessive vibration and noise  
Fan Package
3-Fan Pack Only
  2 ways to control RGB lighting effects
Through Motherboard Software   Through ENERMAX RGB Control Box
Users can sync the RGB lighting with motherboards featuring addressable RGB headers (pin assignment: 5V/D/-/G)   Users can use the included control box to adjust preferred lighting effects (10 pre-set effects), brightness and speed
Single Pack Only
  Plug & Play to Display Rainbow RGB Lighting Effects
For non-RGB motherboard users   For addressable RGB motherboard users
Users can use the PWM power cable to connect the fan to create constant rainbow RGB lighting effects   Users can sync the RGB lighting with motherboards featuring Addressable RGB header (4-pin assignment: 5V/D/-/G)
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