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Product > Air Cooler > T50 AXE > ETS-T50A-DFP
Product Information

High performance CPU air cooler

‧Powerful 250W+ TDP support
‧Super high static pressure fan
‧Patented Dust Free Rotation (DFRTM) technology fan
‧Patented Pressure Differential Flow (PDF) design
‧Patented Rotatable Air Guide
ETS-T50A-DFP, a variant of ETS-T50 AXE coolers, is equipped with an ENERMAX D.F. PRESSURE fan that can generate high static pressure up to 4.812mm-H2O. This high-performance side-flow CPU cooler features patented Dust Free Rotation fan technology, Pressure Differential Flow design and 5 x Ø6mm heat pipes, offering users an outstanding cooling solution with powerful 250W+ TDP support. The included Rotatable Air Guide is a smart gadget for airflow direction adjustment. Last but not least, the fan comes with the patented smart APS (Adjustable Peak Speed) control to satisfy different users’ cooling needs and achieve a perfect balance between cooling performance and silent operation.
Patented PDF (Pressure Differential Flow) design
  By using differential wind pressure, the PDF design is to squeeze the air flow to pass through the cone-shaped tunnel rapidly. This patented design can help increase 15% more airflow and enhance the cooling performance.
Patented Air Guide with rotatable grill for preferred airflow direction adjustment directly toward the rear case fan area
Asymmetric heat pipe design allows extra space for ideal RAM compatibility
  Patented DFRTM (Dust Free Rotation) technology instantly blows away the dust to prolong the lifespan  
  Unique air path creating high VEF (Vacuum Effect) to optimize the airflow
ETS-T50 AXE – no air leaks from sides Other cooler- air leaks from sides
  Patented VGF (Vortex Generation Flow) to increase air convection around the heat pipe  
  High Pressure Technology
    High pressure blade design is a precision engineering of the blade angle and shape calculation. The blades centralize dispersed air flow to the center of the fan and create extremely high air pressure high airflow while maintaining outstanding quietness.
  Patented APS (Adjustable Peak Speed) control providing 3 peak rpm options
HDT (Heat-pipe Direct Touch) technology to ensure rapid thermal conduction and eliminate CPU hot spots  
  Gen. 2 TCC (Thermal Conductive Coating) creates better velocity of thermal transferring and prevents oxidation
Dow Corning® TC-5121 (3g) thermal grease for perfect thermal conduction between CPU and the heat sink

Source: Hardware secrets(2011)
ENERMAX (Dow Corning-TC5121) compound performed wonderfully.



Durable metal installation kits offer universal AMD & Intel desktop CPU compatibility with durable metal brackets  
  “1-clip” fan bracket design for user-friendly installation