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Product Information
The ELC240 is an all-in-one, closed-loop liquid CPU cooler which can remove hot spot heat instantly. It highlights a 2X length radiator for excellent heat dissipation effect. With ENERMAX’s high performance T.B.Silence fans that come with multi PWM modes, it demonstrates super efficient and serious cooling that is second to none.
All-in-one liquid cooling system with prefilled coolant guarantees maintenance free benefit
2X length radiator enhances heat exchange capacity and cooling performance
Patented Quad-Shunt-Channel (QSC) cold plate boosts thermal conductivity and eliminates any heat surge
High performance Twister Bearing PWM fan with 3 cooling modes (800~1500/1800/2200 rpm) to suit your needs
Ceramic bearing pump for longer life span and noiseless operation
FEP tube ensures zero permeability and long-lasting reliability
Easy-install smart bracket gives perfect contact force with CPU
QSC vs Conventional Micro-fin cold plate
Conventional Micro-fin Cold Plate

Conventional micro fin channel design develops significant “Boundary Layer” that decreases heat transfer and impedes the overall cooling performance.

hen any CPU core is in over clock mode and generates hot spot, coolant in other channels cannot enter the hot zone to take more heat away.

QSC technology cold plate advantages

With QSC design , the cold plate can eliminate the “Boundary Layer“ to increase coolant flow momentum and accelerate heat transfer performance.

When any CPU core is in over clock mode and generates hot spot, QSC creates the redistribution and remix of coolant flow among individual channels to effectively remove heat surge on the CPU in a extremely timely and efficient manner.


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3 Cooling modes Twister bearing PWM fan
Users can choose the most suitable mode depending on the system application without pusing fan speed up to the limit. Just gently slide the small switch at the fan hub, and an easy adjustment can be made to suit different cooling performance requirements.
Easy-install bracket
Reliable FEP tube
Application view