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Product > Power Supply > Legacy Product > REVOLUTION85+ 850W SLI®
Hardware canucks - The best of the best unit in the test
If you are looking for the best of the best in this roundup, you need not look any further than the Enermax Revolution85+. The numbers it posted were simply awe-inspiring but the real star of this performance was efficiency. Considering the fact that there were other 80Plus Silver rated products being tested, we expected power consumption to be close and it was…up until the Extreme Load test where this Enermax PSU ate the competition for breakfast.
A ideal model for Top
A beautiful model, which will adorn themselves, any building, giving the system a high status. It’s a ideal model for organizing play station three top-end level graphics.
REVOLUTION85+ 850W has won "Executive Recommended Award" of Hexus
It's difficult not to like the REVOLUTION 85+ 850W PSU. Build quality is excellent, the modular connectors are good, and the performance - especially efficiency - is fantastic. Enermax is able to do all this and keep the 135mm fan pretty quiet, even at full load, so there's lots and lots of good here.
Revolution at Your Doorstep - Xbit
The Enermax Revolution 85+ stands out in terms of technologies. This is the first PSU tested in our labs that delivers an efficiency higher than 90%. It features an ideally balanced dual-transformer circuit capable of working at any load from zero watts, a synchronous rectifier on the +12V rail (it is the first time I see such a solution!), and dedicated DC-DC converters. Enermax’s engineers have done a good job on this product. If you are interested in power electronics and want to know how computer PSUs will develop in near future, the Revolution 85+ is a good example to study.
Revolution85+ 850W Compares with Signature SG-850 / M12D SS-850EM
if talking about new technologies, then Enermax Revolution 85+ is the outstanding one of these 3 models – this is the first PSU in the labor of Fcenter which demonstrated 90% efficiency. The design with two transformers and perfect stability and the ability of working at 0% load and synchronous rectifier for 12V rails (first time in our history!). SO if you like to see the development of future PSU – Revolution85+ is the best example!
HardOCP-Editor's Choice Gold Award
While some product replacements seem to be more of the "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" kind of change and provide no real improvements, the Revolution that occurred in Enermax' top tier products really is change you can believe in. The real key here is that while some units are really good they often lack some sort of marquee feature. The Revolution is not only an extremely good PSU, it is also a toss-up as to what its marquee feature is between its DC Output Quality and its efficiency.
Anandtech -- Enermax Revolution 85+ High Efficiency PSU
Even though these power supplies are anything but cheap, we are confident in making the statement that the Enermax Revolution 85+ is currently the most advanced consumer power supply available. It offers exceptional efficiency, voltage regulation, temperatures, and has very good build quality. It doesn't necessarily surpass the competition in every area, but it's always at the top of the charts. Ultimately, the innovations, feature set, and performance impress us so much that we are pleased to award the Enermax Revolution 85+ our Gold Editors' Choice Award. It's entirely possible that if you purchase the 1050W model, you could end up running the same PSU for the next couple of presidential elections -- and you can do so knowing your PC will be as green as a hybrid SUV.