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Product > Fan > Dust Free Fan > D.F.STORM -12cm
Product Information
Exclusive self-cleaning solution
Super high 3,500 RPM Twister Bearing fan
Perfect for overclocking and gaming system

D.F. STORM – a high speed 3,500 RPM fan, equipped with leading Twister Bearing technology. This industrial-grade fan features the patented DFRTM technology, which allows the fan to blow away dust to prolong its lifespan. D.F. STORM also incorporates the patented APS PWM control for 3 different RPM ranges: 1500-2200/2800/3500, enabling users to adjust the fan speed range according to their system needs.

  Patented DFRTM technology instantly blows away the dust to prolong the lifespan
3,500 RPM for industrial application

Designed for extreme applications and conditions (hardcore gaming rigs, servers, industrial systems, supercomputing, etc). The maximum 3,500 RPM is set for extraordinary high cooling performance.

* Please use the 4-Pin adaptor included to power the fan directly from the power supply unit when the Turbo Mode (1500-3500RPM) is selected.

  Storm-Flow blades generate +30% airflow and enhance airflow momentum
    Innovative Storm-Flow blade design comes with sophisticated inclination inlet & outlet angles,
which generates up to 30% more airflow than normal blades. The extremely strong airflow (up to 263.48m3/h) and high static pressure (up to 11.13mm-H2O) make D.F. STORM ideal for extreme applications
Patented APS (Adjustable Peak Speed) with control switch provides 3 peak RPM options

With LED indicator and the APS switch, users can easily indentify the current RPM setting

APS PWM Control
*Performance:1500~2200 RPM (Blue indicator)
*Overclocking:1500~2800 RPM (Green indicator)
*Turbo:           1500~3500 RPM (Red indicator)

PWM speed control keeps your system cool and silent at all times



    Patented Twister Bearing technology for long lifetime and low noise
  Smooth and persistently reliable operation thanks to the patented Twister Bearing technology.
Along with more industrial grade components (double-layer PCB, larger magnet, etc.) to ensure 160,000 hours MTBF even at high operating temperatures..
  Detachable blade for easy cleaning
Shockproof rubber on screw minimizes vibration during operation



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