Cookie statement

1. What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a small piece of data stored on your device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, or any other mobile device) when you access any Enermax website, hereinafter referred to as the "Website." Its purpose is to help us identify the same user. Each Cookie expires after a certain period, the duration of which depends on its purpose.
In this Cookie Statement, "Cookie" is used as a general term, encompassing not only Cookies themselves but also other technologies such as pixels, web beacons, and page tags. Like most commercial websites, we also use Cookies on our website.

There are several reasons why we use Cookies. We list and describe the various Cookies we use on the Website below.

2. Which Cookies do we use?

Below, we list different types of Cookies that we may use on the Website. In Section 7, we provide a detailed list of Cookies used on each website, including information on the Cookie type, expiration, and links to relevant third-party websites (if applicable).

The Website uses both first-party Cookies (set by the visited website) and third-party Cookies (set by servers outside the domain of our website).

3. Why Do We Use Cookies?

We use Cookies and similar technologies for various reasons:

  • To collect analytics:

For example, we collect information about how visitors interact with surveys, such as the number of clicks to complete a survey, whether users leave and return to continue filling out a survey, whether certain parts of the survey are skipped, and how long it takes to complete a survey. We also track mouse clicks during the survey creation process to assess the user-friendliness of our product and improve the overall service experience. This information is aggregated and anonymized.

  • To make the website more user-friendly:

For example, if you select the "Remember Me" option when logging into your account, we store your username in a Cookie to facilitate quick logins when you return to our website.

  • For security purposes:

We use Cookies to verify your identity, check whether you are currently logged into our website, or determine if you are affected by any events.

  • To provide personalized content:

We store user preference settings, your default language, information about your device and browser, your profile information (including the extent of your service usage and the webpages you've visited on our website) to identify you across devices and display personalized content.

  • To improve services and track advertising campaigns:

We use Cookies to analyze and measure the frequency of your visits to our website, your browsing behavior, and track referral data. This information helps us develop and improve our service content (to provide you with services that match your interests), optimize the online content we display to you, and track the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns.

  • For advertising purposes:

We, our service providers, and other third parties we collaborate with may place Cookies on your device while you browse our website and other websites or when you open online advertisements or emails sent by us. This is done to display targeted marketing content (related to our services or other services) to you and assess the usefulness or effectiveness of these contents. For example, we evaluate which ads have the highest click-through rates and whether users are better utilizing our tools, features, and services after clicking on them. If you do not want to receive personalized ads based on your online activities or preferences, you can "opt out" of many companies participating in such activities by visiting,, or (if you are in the European Union) Opting out in this way does not mean you will no longer receive any ads but rather that the ads you receive will not be tailored to your activities or preferences.

  • Google Analytics (Analytics):

We use Google Analytics as a tool to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns and referrals from third-party advertising partners. The data collected for the purposes mentioned above through Google Analytics is aggregated and anonymized.

If you have explicitly consented or have not disabled third-party advertising Cookies (depending on your location), we may also use Google Analytics data to display ads (including retargeting). In addition to customizing your ad display preferences through the steps outlined in our banner and privacy statements, you can also customize Google Ads settings using the Google Ads Preferences Manager and learn more about how Google provides advertising services by visiting the Google Ads Help Center.

4. Necessary Cookies

(Example: Cookies used for verifying login identity)

Our website and services require the use of certain Cookies to maintain basic functionality, security, measure and analyze website traffic at an aggregate level, and ensure the stability of the website. These Cookies are typically set based on your requests for services or functionality. To fulfill our legitimate purposes and provide essential features and services of the website to you and your visitors, we must load certain necessary Cookies.

5. Functional Cookies

(Example: Cookies storing your language preference settings)

These Cookies collect your choices and preferences, as well as how you use the website and services, to help us improve the website's functionality. For instance, analytical Cookies inform us about the most frequently visited pages on the website, assist us in presenting the website according to your settings, record any issues you encounter while browsing the website, and evaluate the effectiveness of our advertisements. In some cases, these Cookies allow us to understand overall usage patterns on the website rather than individual visitor usage (unless this is a necessary function of specific Cookies).

6. Advertising Cookies

(Example: Cookies set from domains associated with our marketing partners, such as,, or

We may use Cookies on third-party websites to market our services to you or to measure and track the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns for more targeted advertising.
We also have contracts with third-party advertising networks that may collect IP addresses and other information from our website, emails, and third-party websites through beacons. These advertising networks automatically collect website navigation information, including through Cookies, to track your online activities. They use this information to provide you with relevant advertisements for products and services you may be interested in. You may see these advertisements on other websites.

7. How Can I Manage Cookies?

Users in some regions can manage their Cookie preferences and withdraw consent for certain Cookies through our Cookie banner. Users outside of these regions can remove or disable Cookies in their browser settings. The settings and steps to manage Cookies may vary depending on the individual browser, so we recommend referring to the documentation of your specific browser. For more information, you can refer to articles in our customer support center here. Please be aware that disabling Cookies may limit your ability to effectively use our services. Certain types of Cookies ensure a smoother experience while using our website.

For more information on how to disable Cookies, you can refer to articles in our customer support center here or visit this external website:

If you are our customer and use Cookies or similar technologies on your own website while using our products, you are responsible for managing the data collected through these Cookies and complying with all relevant laws related to using these technologies.

8. Do Not Track (DNT) Disclosure

The concept of "Do Not Track" is promoted by regulatory bodies such as the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, allowing internet users to control online tracking activities by configuring their browser settings for individual websites. As industry standards in this regard have not been established, we currently do not process or adhere to any "Do Not Track" signals from web browsers or other similar mechanisms that request us to disable online tracking of individuals visiting our website or using our services.

This Cookie statement contained herein become officially effective Sep 7, 2023