• Anti-Bending CPU Corrective Frame

    ‧ Correct CPU bending degree ‧ Lower CPU temperatures ‧ Easy installation ‧ High compatibility ‧ Anodized aluminum ‧ Compatible with LGA1700 sockets

  • CPU Liquid Cooler Tube Clip

    ‧ Compatible with tube diameter of 11mm ‧ Facilitate smooth coolant flow by tube management ‧ Concise and aesthetic system structure ‧ Lightweight and convenience ‧ Personalize your system in black and white color


    .Ergonomic design to release pressure and alleviate hand fatigue .Patented design with extendable pad and multi-angle adjustment .High-support comfortable thick foam, sturdy and durable .Versatile design catering to wrist support, elbow support, and nap pillow functions .Anti-slip design for foot pad, providing stable grip .Available in black and white colors

  • TANKSTAND-DF, Dual-function Monitor Stand

    ‧ Foldable dual laptop and monitor stand ‧ The laptop stand function offers 5- adjustable height, combined with a two-stage height adjustment for the stand ‧ Non-slip design around all sides ‧ The space below is 6cm, usable for keyboard storage ‧ Built-in stationery storage drawer and phone stand ‧ Surface capable of bearing up to 15kg


    ‧ Dual 8-Pin to 12VHPWR Cable Deliver up to 600W of Power ‧ Replaces the Bulky Standard Adapter Solution of Your GPU ‧ All 12 Pins are Connected to The PSU Using 16 AWG Cable ‧ Direct Support of NVIDIA RTX 40 Series Graphics Cards

  • R.T.STAND Laptop Stand

    ‧ 360 Degree Rotatable Design ‧ 20 Angles of Laptop Stand Slope Available ‧ Adjustable Support Mode & Foldable Laptop Stand ‧ Phones/Tablets Holder Design ‧ Laptop Cooling Knobs Design ‧ Create Extra Storage Space ‧ Built-in 6 LED RGB lighting modes


    ‧ Monitor Stand for Comfortable Viewing Angle and Better Posture ‧ Patented Width-adjustable Design ‧ Built-in Mobile Phone, Tablet Holder and Sliding Drawer


    ‧ Multifunctional Cross-flow USB Fan ‧ Foldable and Adjustable Rubber Stands for Various Devices ‧ 3-step Fan Speed for Different Needs ‧ Compact Design Perfect for Outdoor or Indoor Use


    ENERMAX patented Air Guide brings you brand new experience in managing airflow with a 360° rotatable grill. You can guide cool air directly to the hot spot zones in the PC system by manually rotating the fan grill in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. EAG001 Air Guide is a creative gadget to optimize airflow.


    ‧ Made of heavy duty durable ABS material with black texture coating ‧ Magnetic mounting system with metal protection foams ‧ Secure and sturdy cradle built with high quality silicone-based compounds ‧ Slanted wingtip keeps headsets in place ‧ Scratchproof foams on the back provide protection to the attached metal surfaces ‧ No assembly required ‧ Provide up to 1 kg / 2.2 lbs load-bearing capacity ‧ Compatible with headsets of all shapes and sizes