ENERMAX patented Air Guide brings you brand new experience in managing airflow with a 360° rotatable grill. You can guide cool air directly to the hot spot zones in the PC system by manually rotating the fan grill in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. EAG001 Air Guide is a creative gadget to optimize airflow.

  • Model : EAG001-B / EAG001-W / EAG001-R / EAG001-G/ EAG001-BS
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Patented Air Guide for preferred airflow direction adjustment

Application : Mount Air Guide on CPU Cooler with 12cm fan.
- Adjust airflow direction toward the rear case fan area to exhaust hot air effectively.


360° rotatable grill gives 360° airflow coverage


Ideal solution for better airflow management

Application : Mount Air Guide on the front fans.
-Direct the cool air to hot spot zones in the system.


Hassle-free magnetic fan mounting pins are included for easy installation


Product Introduction

Model EAG001-B / EAG001-W / EAG001-R / EAG001-G/ EAG001-BS
Color Black / White / Red /Green/Black
Dimension 120 x 120 x 16.5 mm
Compatibility 12cm fan slot
Accessories 8 x screws , 4 x magnetic mounting pins / 4 x screws
Package Contents 2pcs / 1 pcs
EAN Code 4713157722638/ 4713157722430/ 4713157722447/ 4713157722454/ 4713157723178
UPC Code 816163008858/ 816163008636/ 816163008643/ 816163008650/ 816163009909
Package Dimension 122 x 18 x 288 mm/ 122 x 18 x 153.13 mm
Gross Weight / Pack 155 g/ 78 g
Carton Dimension 541 x 295 x 280 mm/ 490 x 306 x 275 mm
Unit / Carton 60 packs/ 80 packs
Gross Weight / Carton 10.1 kgs/ 7 kgs

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