Empowering Tomorrow! ENERMAX Innovates Once Again with Industry-Leading Power Supplies and CPU Coole

Empowering Tomorrow! ENERMAX Innovates Once Again with Industry-Leading Power Supplies and CPU Coolers  



Taoyuan, Taiwan, May 31th, 2024 – ENERMAX, ENERMAX today announced the showcase of a new series of ATX 3.1 power supplies at Computex Taipei. The lineup features efficiency levels spanning 80PLUS Titanium, Platinum, and Gold, with wattages reaching up to an impressive 2400W. Additionally, ENERMAX will demonstrate the LIQTECH XTR, a workstation-grade CPU cooler, and unveil an innovative new CPU cooling concept that combines the benefits of both AIO and air cooling solutions. Furthermore, ENERMAX is excited to announce a collaboration with the world’s top overclocker, Splave, to launch the REVOLUTION D.F. X PRO Splave edition power supply, with an exclusive 5VSB Discharging Function.


Compact Yet Powerful Power Supply
Continuing its pursuit of excellence and innovation, ENERMAX introduces the MaxTytan Digital 1650W 80PLUS Titanium power supply at Computex 2024 Taipei. This power supply adheres to the ATX 3.1 standard and incorporates an intelligent semi-fanless design where the fan remains static until the power supply operates at 60% load, optimizing both performance and acoustics. Additionally, the power supply is equipped with a built-in wattage display on the rear side, allowing users to obtain real-time output wattage information without the need for additional software. The MaxTytan Digital delivers 1650W at 80PLUS Titanium efficiency and can reach up to 2000W at 80PLUS Gold efficiency (230V only).


In the 80PLUS Platinum efficiency category, ENERMAX proudly presents the Platimax 2400W, which can continuously deliver an impressive 2400W of power. With a chassis depth of 18cm, it can be installed in specific mid-tower cases and supports multiple graphics cards. The Platimax 2400W features an intelligent semi-fanless design that the fan would be static before the power supply operates up to 60% load of the time, ensuring near-silent operation at low to medium loads.


The Platimax D.F. Ultra 1600W power supply is specifically engineered for workstation-grade computers, boasting a compact 14cm chassis depth while delivering 1600W of power output. This model also incorporates an intelligent semi-fanless design where the fan remains static until the power supply operates at 50% load, meeting the high power demands of advanced and AI computing systems.

ENERMAX will also debut one of the smallest 80PLUS Platinum 1000W power supplies compliant with the ATX 3.1 standard at Computex: the Platimax D.F. 12. With a chassis depth of only 122mm and an intelligent semi-fanless design where the fan remains static until the power supply operates at 60% load, the Platimax D.F. 12 series is available in 750W, 850W, and 1000W models, offering versatile options for high-performance computing needs.

ENERMAX’s stable and efficient power supplies have always been the top choice for overclocking enthusiasts. This year, ENERMAX collaborates with the world’s top overclocking champion, Splave, to launch the REVOLUTION D.F. X PRO Splave edition with 1000W and 1200W models. This co-branded model includes the exclusive 5VSB Discharging Function, which allows the motherboard to restart instantly in the event of a crash, enabling the computer to resume operation immediately. Using the REVOLUTION D.F. X PRO Splave edition in overclocking competitions provides competitors with more benchmarking time and an edge in time trials.

ENERMAX has also introduced the REVOLUTION D.F. X PRO series, available in 750W, 850W, 1000W, and 1200W, all with 80PLUS Gold certification. With a chassis depth of only 14cm, these power supplies offer a 40% intelligent semi-fanless design, providing gamers with more options for their builds.

All the power supplies ENERMAX presents at Computex 2024 are compliant with ATX 3.1 and PCIe 5.1 standards, featuring a 600W 12V-2x6 cable and capable of handling up to 235% power excursion. These power supplies come with premium mesh-sleeved cables to bring you better cable routing with their soft and bendable points for remarkable cable management. Additionally, selected models are equipped with the advanced patented Dust-free Rotation technology, which not only provides a self-cleaning function but also includes a feature where the fan continues to run in reverse for 20 seconds after shutdown, optimizing overall cooling performance and extending product lifespan.

Workstation-Level CPU Coolers and All-New Water-Cooling Tower
ENERMAX, dedicated to developing high-efficiency and leading-specification computer products, will demonstrate the cooling performance of its new all-in-one CPU liquid cooler, LIQTECH XTR at Computex 2024. The LIQTECH XTR AIO liquid cooler supports CPU sockets sTR5 and LGA4677, offering 100% coverage for AMD Threadripper processors and Intel® Xeon® W-3400 and Intel® Xeon® W-2400 processors. Equipped with a powerful EF1 pump design and patented shunt-channel technology, the LIQTECH XTR can achieve a cooling capacity of up to 900 watts! The water block features a built-in digital display that provides real-time CPU and GPU data, serving as a secondary monitor for professional gamers to monitor system metrics.


AQUACore is a new concept CPU cooler that uses a no-tube connection technique, integrating the pump design into the radiator while combining the appearance of an air cooler. The cooling tower stands at only 162mm, making it compatible with most computer cases on the market. It delivers a cooling capacity of up to 280W, and the fan features a digital display that can show real-time data for both the CPU and the GPU.

The Montage Flow is also a new magnetic fan structure, designed for more intuitive installation and sturdy connection. Unlike the magnetic fan mechanisms on the market, the Montage Flow fan features a patented coil structure design, making the assembly process more intuitive. By simply bringing two fans close together, the magnetic force allows the fans to connect seamlessly, and the bottom latch automatically locks in place, providing additional stability during installation.

High-Efficiency Cooling and Back-connect PC Cases
The Air240 mid-tower case makes its debut at Computex 2024. Featuring a three-side metal mesh panel design, it enhances overall cooling performance. The modular internal structure design allows for easy installation and adjustment of internal cable management covers according to user needs. Additionally, by adjusting the power supply compartment baffle, it can be angled to create airflow around the graphics card, improving GPU cooling.

The Pano270, a case supporting M-ATX motherboards, features a 270-degree ultra-wide curved glass, providing an uninterrupted panoramic view without A-pillar obstruction, allowing the entire system interior to be visible. Supporting back-connected motherboard installation, the Pano270 minimizes visual interference from cables, making it a dream product for DIY PC enthusiasts.

At the ENERMAX booth at Computex Taipei, a custom case mod created by Taiwan modder KM Studio will be showcased to celebrate the upcoming 35th anniversary of ENERMAX. This mod represents ENERMAX's readiness for the next milestone year. Additionally, the booth will feature another work by Taiwanese modder LINModified, utilizing the REVOLUTION D.F. 12 power supply, which was launched earlier this year with a focus on high efficiency, sustainability, and environmental friendliness. This mod will showcase a turtle-shaped design, reflecting the theme of environmental conservation.


ENERMAX is a world-renowned PC power supply manufacturer and maker of award-winning PC components such as chassis, coolers, fans, and peripherals, with recognition from consumers around the world. Our farsighted R&D capability is our key strength, and we stick to our spirit of “Technical Innovation” and “Quality First” to create products that unleash the full potential of the system for every PC enthusiast. For more information, please visit us at www.ENERMAX.com

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