Photo Credit: FunkyKit

ENERMAX AQUAFUSION 360 recommended by Hong Kong well-known media-FunkyKit

FunkyKit recommended that "ENERMAX AQUAFUSION 360 is a top choice for Intel i9-10900K processor." Quoted from FunkyKit.
The AQUAFUSION 360 is clearly a top choice for the i9-10900K processor. The best air cooler so far, so Noctua NH-D15 at maximum fans speed, performs worse than the AQUAFUSION 360 at 800RPM. At the same time, the NH-D15 is louder when the CPU is under full load. This is about the best we can get from an air cooling, and that’s why Intel suggests AIO water coolers.
The cooler performs excellent with even the most power-hungry processors and is clearly recommended for i9-10900K. It will be hard to find anything better at a similar price.

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Photo credit: FunkyKit

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