ENERMAX Platimax series power supply specification clarification

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To our valued customers,

For the past 30 years, ENERMAX has been working relentlessly based on the beliefs of "Technology Innovation" and "Quality First" as our mission. It has come to our attention that there are discussions of our current Platimax series certification and we would like to take a moment to re-address the statement to our customers.
Both ENERMAX Platimax EPM1350EWT and EPM1700EGT were launched in 2013 which before 80 PLUS 230V certifications announced. To make our product up-to-date and more accommodated to the market demand, Platimax EPM1350EWT was certified in 80 PLUS 115V category and Platimax EPM1700EGT was kept with 90 PLUS Ready.
We have acknowledged and apologize for the confusion it may have caused to our customers and moving forward, we will indicate the following label on the product box of EPM1350EWT and EPM1700EGT:

EPM1350EWT: 80 PLUS 115V
EPM1700EGT:  90 PLUS Ready
We want to thank our customers for bringing this matter to our attention and ENERMAX will continue to improve our quality and service toward future products.
For more information, please check our website or contact with our subsidiaries and local agents.


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