2022 computex

ENERMAX Showcases Its New 2000W ATX PSU And An Industrial-Graded Case Fan Only at Computex 2022

Taoyuan, Taiwan – May 23, 2022 –ENERMAX, an industry-leading force dedicated entirely to designing and manufacturing top-quality PC hardware, will be introducing  the MAXREVO 2000 PSU and the D.F. Storm Adv. fan. 

As the digitization of the physical world accelerates with the maturation of 5G technologies, countless corporations compete to be the first ones to extend their influence into Web 3, virtual reality, and the Metaverse.

A faster speed on massive data computation is the key to winning, but you can’t have that without a powerful and stable power supply to support your power-hungry war machines.

MAXREVO 2000 is ideal for high-end workstations designated for intense modeling and computation tasks. With its cutting-edge design, MAXREVO 2000 can deliver a stable 2000 wattage output under 230V and a 1600 wattage output under 115V.

With its chassis in-depth of only 180mm, MAXREVO 2000 is compatible with most ATX computer cases on the market.

Combined with the patented Turbo Switch technology, users can adjust the fan speed up to as high as 3100 rpm, drastically boost the cooling performance and lower the temperature of critical components by 10 - 15°C.

Three Wishes, All at Once.
Our new case fan, D.F. Storm Adv, is a revolutionary product that equips with all three of ENERMAX’s most popular technologies: 
- The Twister Bearing Adv. technology significantly increases the fan’s lifespan and boosts cooling performance by allowing the fan to easily rotates at 3500rpm; 
- The Adjustable Peak Speed (APS) provides three peak RPM options to achieve the perfect balance between silence and cooling; 
- The Dust Free Rotation Technology enables an automatic fan self-cleaning function that enhances the overall cooling performance. 

The BEST just got BETTER.
For many years, ENERMAX’s SquA RGB fan series has been one of the most preferred RBG fans among custom PC builders and serious gamers due to its state-of-the-art industrial design and exceptional reliability.

At Computex Virtual 2022, ENERMAX has managed to make this beloved classic model EVEN BETTER. The newly upgraded SquA RGB fan will possess addressable RGB Gen 2 function and lighting effects on both fan frame and hub to create a dynamic visual feat. Along with motherboard software, gamers now can effortlessly sync RGBs with their motherboard and be fully immersed in their gaming experience.

ENERMAX will also display its trendy ATX ARGB computer case- StarryFort SF 2.0 version and the new CPU AIO cooler, AQUAFUSION Adv. with superior cooling performance, 380W TDP. For more information, please visit our Computex Cyberworld