- Patented Twister Bearing for longer life span and lower noise operation
- Batwing blades and carved Halo frame provide extra 20%~30% airflow
- 3 shift speed control providing 3 cooling modes
- Detachable fan blades for easy cleaning


  • Shift Speed Control providing 3 cooling modes
  • Twister Bearing technology for long lifetime and low noise
  • World leading fan that can run at 85℃ at least for 160,000 hours
  • Batwing Blades design for extra 20%~30% airflow
  • Detachable fan blades for easy cleaning
  • Isolator-mounts for shockproof and easy installation
Model UCMAA12A
Fans/Model 1
Dimension (mm) 120 x 120 x 25
Speed (RPM) 1000/1500/1800 rpm
Air Flow (CFM) 1000 rpm:47.67 CFM
1500 rpm:69.15 CFM
1800 rpm:83.03 CFM
Air Flow (m³/h) 1000 rpm:80.99 m3/h
1500 rpm:117.49 m3/h
1800 rpm:141.07 m3/h
Static Pressure (mm-H2O) 1000 rpm:0.88 mm-H2O
1500 rpm:1.00 mm-H2O
1800 rpm:2.016 mm-H2O
Fan Maximum Noise (dBA) 1000 rpm:13 dBA
1500 rpm:18 dBA
1800 rpm:20 dBA
Rated Voltage Fan (V) 12V
Rated Current Fan (A) 1000 rpm:0.12 A
1500 rpm:0.15 A
1800 rpm:0.20 A
MTTF (hours) 160,000
Connector 1 x 3 pin connector ; 1 x 4 pin fan power adaptor

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