‧ Ideal for PC cases with PSU shrouds
‧ DUOFlowTM design for active ventilation and silent operation
‧ Patented FMA (Fan-speed Manual Adjustment) to create turbo airflow

80 PLUS® Gold certified

87-92% high efficiency performance @ 20-100% load. 80 PLUS® Gold certified.


REVOLUTION DUO with active ventilation design is ideal for PSU-Tunnel design (aka PSU shroud) case for ultimate airflow management


DUOFlow™ structure can provide active ventilation with constant and steady airflow, which greatly reduces the fan RPM and noise in comparision with single fan PSU.


The DUOFlowTM design features 2 ENERMAX patented Twister Bearing fans, 1* 10cm intake fan and 1* 8cm exhaust fan, creating dynamic airflow inside PSU for active ventilation.


Patented Twister Bearing Technology

Twister Bearing fan technology employs nano magnetic design with self-lubricating mechanics to achieve low noise operation with minimal friction and longer lifetime.


Patented FMA (Fan-speed Manual Adjustment) technology allows users to manually adjust the fan RPM to increase airflow from the fans of PSU to provide extra cooling for the system when need.


Application 1: For PSU-Tunnel/PSU shroud case. The dual active fan design not only can take away the PSU internal heat, but can also be used to help HDD/SSD cooling when FMA is set at high.


Application 2: For normal/open PC case REVOLUTION DUO can also improves the system cooling when FMA is set at high.


2013 ErP Lot 6 ready

Help system meet 2013 ErP Lot 6 (<0.5W at standby mode) with high efficiency +5Vsb circuitry (only in combination with an 2013 ErP Lot 6-enabled motherboard).


Zero load ready!

DC to DC converter circuit ensures stable output voltage and delivers higher efficiency.



Multiple protection circuitry of OCP, OVP, UVP, OPP, SCP &  SIP ensures your system safety.


Product Introduction

Mainboard 24 Pin 1
[ 1x 50cm ]
CPU 4+4 Pin 1
[ 1x 60cm ]
2xPCI-E 6+2 Pin (8 Pin) 2
[ 1x 65cm ]
[ 2x 45/15/15cm ]
4x4 Pin Molex + FDD 4 + 1
[ 1x 45/15/15/15/15cm ]

For users that are looking to put in high end, power demanding GPU card, please connect 6 / 6+2P PCI-E connector(s) from your ENERMAX power supply to them correctly. This will prevent motherboard overloading and possibly cause damage to your system including your ENERMAX power supply. Once this occurs, it will be treated as improper system configuration and any damage on the power supply as a result of it, will not be covered under ENERMAX manufacturer’s warranty. Please refer to your motherboard & GPU card’s user manual to configure your system properly to prevent motherboard overloading damage to your system and your power supply.

Either sleeved or flat type modular cables in the box are all compatible with your newly purchased power supply. Please only use the modular cables provided in your ENERMAX power supply package. Do NOT use other modular cables to prevent pin configuration damage to your system and your power supply.

Info for DC connector’s rated current: The safety current is 6A per single DC wire. Please be noted that overloading could cause the connector or wire meltdown and could void the warranty.

80 PLUS Efficiency GOLD
Modular Native
Cable type Sleeve
Total power (W) 600
Input Voltage (V) 115-240
Input Current (A) 10-5.5
Input Frequency (Hz) 47-63
Fan size (mm) 120
Operating temperature (°C) 40
MTBF (hours) > 100k
Protection OCP, OVP, UVP, OPP, SCP, SIP
Dimension (D x W x H), (mm) 140 x 150 x 86
+3.3V(A) 20
+5V(A) 20
+12V1(A) 50
-12V(A) 0.3
+5Vsb(A) 2.5
Combined Wattage 12V (W) 600
Combined Wattage 3.3V + 5V(W) 100
EAN code 4713157722348
UPC code 816163008575
Box dimensions (D x W x H), (mm) 240 x 200 x 98
Gross Weight / unit (kg) 1.8