Label : 1600W

  • ENERMAX Unleashes a Power Beast, MAXREVO 1800 Watt Power Supply

    MAXREVO 1800, a heavyweight 1800 watt power supply with peak power up to incredible 1900 watt, is characterized by the high-performance transformer, high-density PCB, and FMQ topology, MAXREVO 1800 PSU achieves a housing depth of only 180mm without sacrificing efficiency or performance, compared to its peers that normally come in 220 mm deep. Furthermore, 6 powerful +12V rails and 12 PCI-E connectors provide powerful output capabilities without compromising hardware safety. Specially designed for multi-GPU rigs, video editing workstations, industrial PC, and servers, MAXREVO 1800 is ready to quench the thirst of power-demanding systems.

  • MAXREVO 1800 Watt 80PLUS Gold Fully-ModularPower Supply

    ‧ 1800 watt power in a compact design
    ‧ Dual 80 PLUS® Gold certification
    ‧ Patented Turbo Switch design
    ‧ 10-year warranty

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