ENERMAX Launches LIQMAXFLO and LIQMAXFLO SR ARGB AIO Coolers with VRM Fan and Next-Gen Pump Tech.

ENERMAX Launches LIQMAXFLO and LIQMAXFLO SR ARGB AIO Coolers with VRM Fan and Next-Gen Pump Technology 


Taoyuan, Taiwan, Oct 5th, 2023 - ENERMAX, an industry-leading force dedicated to designing high-performance computer power supplies and cooling solutions, launches its first AIO CPU cooler with a VRM fan, the LIQMAXFLO series, featuring ENERMAX’s latest Dual-Chamber Xtreme pump and latest silent fan, delivering exceptional improvements in cooling performance with maximum quietness.


To enhance cooling performance and deliver silent operation, the LIQMAXFLO series boasts intelligent PWM functionality from VRM fan to radiator fan to pump. The series also relies on ENERMAX’s latest Silent Flow PWM fan, which offers exceptionally quiet operation with maximum noise at 23.46 dBA thanks to the improved fan blade and crafted angle. The inclusion of a 60mm VRM fan within the water block further extends its cooling capacity, enhancing air circulation within the system and efficiently reducing the temperatures of CPU VRMs and surrounding components on the motherboard. In addition, the pump cover is changeable with a magnetic connection, so the orientation of the logo can be changed at 90°. Different options for pump covers will also be available soon for easier customization.

As the first AIO coolers equipped with the ENERMAX’s Dual-Chamber Xtreme pump, the LIQMAXFLO series provides a remarkable 8°C reduction in thermal output under a 250W load compared to the previous generation. This impressive performance is attributed to ENERMAX's patented Shunt-Channel technology, an enlarged coolant inlet, and an optimized flow design, resulting in a 30% increase in overall pump pressure (hydraulic head) and a 20% boost in coolant flow rate.

Furthermore, the LIQMAXFLO also offers a 38mm-thick squared design radiator, which provides a larger coolant capacity for optimal thermal management compared to the regular 27mm design. To guarantee a longer lifespan, an additional 100-ml coolant bottle included in the package will allow customers to refill the coolant through the refill port safely and comfortably. The premium 400mm durable tubing, pre-applied premium Dow Corning® TC-5888 thermal grease, and clips for both tube and cable will ensure an easier installation for all customers.

To meet the diverse needs of professionals and enthusiastic gamers, the LIQMAXFLO series offers radiator variants in 240mm, 360mm, and 420mm sizes. Additionally, ENERMAX introduces the LIQMAXFLO SR series, an entry-level line featuring models in 120mm, 240mm, and 360mm radiators with 27mm thick and non-RGB silent fans.

The LIQMAXFLO series is available immediately at the ENERMAX USA online store and selected retailers and distributors. Please refer to ENERMAX’s official website for more information.

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