Efficient cooling with maximum performance
Cooling with possible thermal throttling under heavy load
Thermal throttling under load

ENERMAX CPU Cooler list Intel® AMD®
Model TDP X series i9 i7 i5 i3 sTRX4/ TR4 Ryzen 9 Ryzen 7 Ryzen 5 Ryzen 3
LIQTECH TR4 II, 360mm 500W - - - - - - - - -
LIQTECH TR4 II, 280mm 500W - - - - - - - - -
LIQTECH TR4 II, 240mm 500W - - - - - - - - -
LIQTECH II, 360mm 500W -
LIQTECH II, 280mm 500W -
LIQTECH II, 240mm 500W -
AQUAFUSION ADV, 360mm 380W -
AQUAFUSION ADV, 240mm 360W -
AQUAFUSION ADV, 120mm 300W -
AQUAFUSION, 360mm 380W -
AQUAFUSION, 240mm 360W -
AQUAFUSION, 120mm 300W -
LIQFUSION, 360mm 350W -
LIQFUSION, 240mm 320W -
LIQMAX III ARGB, 360mm 360W -
LIQMAX III HF, 120mm 300W -
ETS-T50A series 230W -
ETS-F40 series 200W - -

* Be aware that the recommended cooler can only work as intended if the case is providing adequate airflow, and the cooler performance is tested when the CPU is running full loading.

* The TDP of coolers are calculated by Thermal resistance testing machine, please refer to the formula "TDP (Watts) = (tCase (° C) - tAmbient (° C)) / (HSF Θca)"

Thermal resistance= (Tc- Ta)/ CPU Input Power = n ℃/W.  Whereas Tc= CPU Core temperature. Ta= Ambient temperature.  The thermal resistance of  0.1℃/W cooler means when CPU increases 1W power consumption, the cooler will have the CPU temperature increase 0.1℃. Therefore, smaller the thermal resistance value, higher cooling performance of the cooler.

The ideal material for air cooler shall have good thermal conduction and absorption factors.  Silver, copper are great thermal conductive material, following by gold and aluminum.  For cost control, the cooling industry prefer copper and aluminum.  Copper has good thermal conductivity, yet its absorption capacity  is smaller than aluminum. Therefore copper is ideal material for heat pipe or cooling base plate.  Aluminum is lightweight, easy to cast, and is ideal for fins, radiator.

Some of ENERMAX products support RGB lighting synchronization and some support addressable synchronization. The difference is that RGB lighting synchronization requires 12V support through motherboards and the RGB sync header on motherboards is 4 pin (pin assignment: 12VGRB). On the other hand, the addressable RGB synchronization requires 5V support through motherboards and the addressable sync header (a.k.a. ARGB header) is 3pin (pin assignent: 5V/D/G)

ENERMAX joins Razer Chroma eco system and most of ENERMAX products are compatible with Razer Chroma. In order to use Razer software, Synapse, to control the lighting effects of your system, make sure your motherboard can support Razer Chroma, more information, please visit Razer website:

Liquid cooler has higher thermal absorption capacity and faster conductivity than air cooler.  Therefore it is a good weapon to elimiate the CPU hot spots when over clocking.  For heavy-duty system, or CPU with auto-over-clocking function, it is recommended to use liquid cooler.

The micro-channel structure is adding the numerous fins on the cold plate to form very narrow gap channels for coolant to pass through. This design will greatly increase the the contact area to boost the thermal exchange rate.

The coolant usually contains the anti-freezing and anti-corrosion additives.  The additives must be carefully diluted, otherwise the cooling performance will be reduced.

When the fluids pass through a surface, partial of the fluid will form a residiual film on the surface, known as boundary layers. This layer will obstruct the heat exchange efficiency.  For liquid cooler, reducing the boundary layer in micro-channel (base plate) will help to boost the cooling performance.  Enermax patented Shunt Channel Technology plays an importat role to eliminate the the boundary layer and reduces flow resistance.

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